How to Bake a Love-Coated, God-Filled Teacher in Just Three Days

By Apprentice Chef David Torres


This recipe is a unique and creative illustration on how a Love-Coated, God-Filled Teacher could be baked within the longevity of three days, from June 1 to 3, according to the 2011 volume of “Grooming Up with Christ” Book of Retreat Recipes. If you are up to satisfy and pep up your taste buds with something easy and different, why not you grab your handy-dandy apron, heat up your dormant oven, and start following this easy but surely worth the try recipe!

Welcome to the Masters’ Kitchen!

Before you go on thinking about how you will mix the dough and all those sugar, spice and everything nice stuff in order for you to create a palatable and mouth watering pastry, you ought to decide first where the “baking” would happen. In our case, we chose a kitchen which could be traveled in less than two hours by plane across both land and ocean. Yep, you’re thinking it right! This recipe was first done in a far-off expanse of the country – inCebuCity, where the famous Talavera House of Prayer is. The sun was still under the blanket of velveteen sky when we left the airport and to our astonishment, it was also the sun who first welcomed us to the very region of our anticipation. One could freely imagine how one could get from one place to another, entirely divided by kilometers God knows how many, in such a short span of time. No wonder we were all exhausted, not just because of the travel per se, but equally because of the praying and wild imagination each had during the flight. God speed, this recipe was still formulated.

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