V.B. Cosme)

Despite the cold,  nippy air, everything was scaldingly hot in the city of pines – Baguio.


King and Queen. Whew! Two students from Grade VI- St. Augustine, won    the most coveted award of  the 15th YMCA Advisers and Junior Leaders   Seminar Workshop. Justin Benedict E. Armada was  named Mr. Campference,   while Jisah A. Morante was  crowned Ms. Campference. They showed the    perfect blend of intelligence, good-looks, smartness during the   interview, and talent as Justin delivered a breath-taking piece while   Jisah rendered a captivating dance number with baton exhibition.

Big. San Sebastian College – Recoletos, Grade   School Department brought home the biggest trophy for the biggest   delegation award of thirty eight student-delegates from grades IV-VI.   The students were all active and inspired. Hats-off to the   trainer-advisers – Richard O. Lunar and Ms. Vernie B. Cosme.

Blue Ribbon. Two of the delegates garnered 1st place trophies and gold   medals in the different contest held during the workshop. Beatriz Ann   Malveda of VI-St. Augustine was champion in the Essay-Writing, English   category. On the other hand, Sherwin Harvey A. Lumbao of IV-St. Gregory   was champion in the Poetry-Writing contest.

Bring Home the Bacon. Kieffer Jañio Lagnada, IV-St. Gregory went up   stage excitingly with the words “Teacher, we have our bacons sow”. He   won 1st runner-up in the Poetry-Writing category. Jessmine Competente,   VI-St. Augustine got the 1st runner-up award in the Essay Writing   Contest, English category. Deanne Alyssa Aquino, VI-St. Augustine got   the 1st runner-up for Word factory. Kimberly Joy Santuyo, V- St.   Catherine was awarded 2nd runner-up for Christmas Card Making and Edward   Ternal, VI-St. Augustine received the 2nd runner-up trophy and medal   for chess.

Amusing, entertaining, heart-pounding, taxing,  worth-it. These are just   some of the words which can recapitulate the  experiences of the   delegates and the advisers last October 27-30. These  experience set out   to prove that preparation and collaboration are  indeed vital for   success.

Congratulations to all and more trophies and medals in the next YMCA season.

by Mrs. Vernnie B.  Cosme
SSC-R, Grade School  Department